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Agility Ladder

BASE AGILITY LADDER (#4015) Orange 30′ Ladder (Splits into 2-15′ ladders) Injection molded 17″ wide rungs. Adjustable rungs. D-rings on the open …

Bullet Belt with POP Release

POP release is the 15″ model for starts, turns  and resisted runs. Velcro® break-away for true  explosive training techniques. UPS SHIPPABLE 3 …

Discus Trainer

Discus Trainer The perfect answer to coaches training the spin technique with shot put or discus. It is durable, but lightweight and …

Dual Pull

Both athletes run together, back-runner  holds back front-runner. Athletes quickly  spin around & switch roles going back the  other way. 10’ long …

Duo Overspeed Harness

Overspeed training is a fantastic technique to increase speed. 20’ safety sleeve elastic will stretch three times  its original length to 60’. …

Hurdle Sweep Target Basic Set

Target Sweeps are used for several drills. Use the Target Sweeps to give the athlete a specific area to attack each hurdle …

Knee High Trainer

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Knee High Trainer

Improves balance and agility. Ideal for all sports at all levels. Constructed of structural steel tubing. Completely portable and collapsible by simply pulling 3 pins. …

Leap Frog

Lead runner and trailing runner take  turns providing assisted acceleration.  As the trailing athlete runs past the lead  runner they exchange roles. …

Medicine Balls

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Medicine Balls

Rubber compound outer shell. Textured surface for easy grip. Great training for all sports and works great for an individual workout. These …

Mini Training Hurdles

Essential for teaching recovery mechanics and force  application. Athletes learn to “snap” their legs up  and down for maximum power output. Linear …

Plyometric Training Boxes

Lightweight, strong, sturdy and durable boxes.  Constructed of 1-1/4” welded square steel tubing.  Non-marking glides on all 4-legs. Non-slip urethane  coated surface …

Quick Adjust Trainer with Running Ropes

Frame constructed of 1-1/4” galvanized steel  20’ long x 5’ wide. Nylon web ropes with heavy  duty shock cord corners that attach …

Quick Explode Sled

For power and explosions this is the one!  Comes with 10’ strap and quick release,  adjustable resistance harness (fits small to  XXL). …

Soft Plyo Box

Less impact than steel or wooden boxes. Your athletes will never bruise their shins! Steel inner frame for strength and stability with …