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Brass Shot Put

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Brass Shot Put

Blazer’s Olympian brass shot is lathe turned to minimum diameter allowed in competition.  Machine finish gives an excellent grip.  Unsurpassed quality. UPS shippable.

Competition Turned Steel Shot Put

High quality turned steel shot. Machine turned at a maximum ovalization of 0.5 mm and weight tolerance of +25 grams. Surface painted. 4K is …

Iron Shot Put

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Iron Shot Put

No indentations or abrasions, cast, not completely smooth. UPS shippable. New! Now available in a 2K youth size.

Stainless Steel Shot Put

Precision manufactured to the highest standards.  Machine turned at a maximum ovalization of  0.5 mm and weight tolerance of +25 grams.  Unsurpassed …

Indoor Shot

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Indoor Shot

Hard shell gives the feel of an outdoor shot, but soft enough to not mark or damage gym floors. Neon red/orange color …

Soft Shell Indoor Shot

Soft outer shell is ideal for indoor wood gym  surfaces. Will not mark or damage gym surfaces.  Guaranteed against breakage for one …

Turned Iron Shot Put

Precision machine turned. Perfectly balanced. Weight plus .05 grams. 4K is Orange 12lb is Blue 16lb is Brown UPS SHIPPABLE

Discus Trainer

Discus Trainer The perfect answer to coaches training the spin technique with shot put or discus. It is durable, but lightweight and …

Men’s/Boys Implement Value Package

Package Includes: ·         #1337 – 1.6K Boys Rubber Discus ·         #1340 – 1.6K Boys Laminate Discus ·         #1350 – 1.6K Boys Lazer Discus ·         #1980 – …

Men’s/Boys Shot Put Package

Package Includes: ·         #1992 – 12lb Turned Iron Shot Put ·         #1980 – 12lb Cast Iron Shot Put ·         #1920 – 12lb Indoor Shot Put …

Women’s Implement Value Package

Package Includes: ·         #1338 – 1K Women’s Rubber Discus ·         #1341 – 1K Women’s Laminate Discus ·         #1351 – 1K Women’s Lazer Discus ·         #1940 – …

Women’s Shot Put Package

Package Includes: ·         #1991 – 4K Turned Iron Shot Put ·         #1940 – 4K Cast Iron Shot Put ·         #1910 – 4K Indoor Shot Put …

Elite Aluminum Shot Put Cage

Same quality construction as Discus Cage. Includes  a weather treated 43′ x 14′ Net which attaches with  carabineers and spring clips for …

Replacement Net for Shot Put Cage

43′ x 14′ Weather Treated Replacement Net for the #1429 Shot Put Cage. Includes net only. UPS SHIPPABLE 22lbs

Shop Put Cage Barrier Net

48′ x 7′ Shot Put Cage Barrier Net UPS SHIPPABLE 13lbs

Mesh Shot Put Carrier

Constructed from heavy, woven polyethylene rope.  UPS SHIPPABLE 1lb