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Long Jump Take-Off Board, 20″ wide

Manufactured from marine grade plywood to meet  high school rules. Sealed, primed and finished with a white enamel paint. 2-3/4” x 20” x 48”   …

Long Jump Take-Off Board, 8″ Wide

Manufactured from laminated wood. Sealed, primed and finished with a white enamel paint. For high school and collegiate use. Meets rule book specifications. 2-1/2” x …

Stainless Steel Long Jump Tray with 20″ Board

Consists of a 20” stainless steel tray with drain holes. Boards must be removed when not in use. Includes #1242 20” board. …

Stainless Steel Long Jump Tray with 8″ Board

Designed to work with our #1248 board (included).  16-gauge stainless steel with 1” square-tubing  frame. Boards must be removed when not in …

Stainless Steel Long Jump Tray with Lid and Indicator Board

Model #1248 laminated wood board with 4” wide indicator board. 16-gauge stainless steel with 1” square-tubing frame. 6-leveling bolts provided to level board with runway. …

Measuring Cane

Attach end of measuring tape to tip of cane for fast and easy measuring. UPS SHIPPABLE 4lbs

Pit Cover

10-oz. vinyl coated polyester mesh. Comes with unfilled, attached weight pouches.    MUST CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING COLORS: Red, Royal, Kelly, Black, Gold …

Replacement Sandbag

Velcro® closure. Arrives unfilled. For pit covers. 7″x14″.  5lb when filled. UPS SHIPPABLE 1lb.

Weather Cover Insert

Extends life of pits. Helps to shed water off the weather cover. Ends are capped with rubber tips to protect top pad …