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11 1/4″ Measuring Wheel with Stand

Telescoping aluminum handle collapses easily thanks to quick clamp Axle driven counter accurately measures distances up to 10,000 feet to the nearest inch …

12 1/2″ Digital Measuring Wheel with Stand (Ft/In & Metric)

Ergonomic handle with backlit digital display provides easy to read measurements at a glance Digital display measures to 1″, 1/100th,  and/or 1 cm increments …

Fiberglass Field Tapes

Open design provides lightweight durability. Meters on one-side, feet/inches on the other. UPS SHIPPABLE – Weights Vary

Field Markers

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Field Markers

4″ diameter steel, chalkboard-green disc.  Names & numbers are easy to remove and write again.  Speed up meets by marking every throw. …

Laser Measuring Staff for Pole Vault and High Jump

Measures with the touch of a button. The staff is extremely quick and accurate. 60″ Blaze Laser Measuring Staff with backlit color …

Measuring Cane

Attach end of measuring tape to tip of cane for fast and easy measuring. UPS SHIPPABLE 4lbs

Pro-Series Fiberglass Tape

Reel designed especially for impact resistance and ease of use Zip-line Open Reel Fiberglass tape graduated in feet and 8ths Reel features …

Ultrak T-150 Display Timer

• Six digit LED count up or count down display timer • First four extra large LED digits are 8 1/4-inches tall …