7 Blazer Athletic Medicine Balls from left to right. Orange 7kg,orange 6kg, red 5kg, blue 4kg, orange 3kg, green 2kg, and orange 1kg. These balls bounce.

Medicine Balls


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4075, 4076, 4077, 4078, 4078, 4080, 4081: Medicine Balls

Rubber compound outer shell. Textured surface for easy grip. Great training for all sports and works great for an individual workout. These balls float. Great for water workouts. Builds strength as the Torso works to hold its center balance point.

Seven Available Sizes:
-1kg / 2.2lbs, diameter 195mm / 7.67”
-2kg / 4.4lbs, diameter 195mm / 7.67”
-3kg / 6.6lbs, diameter 228mm / 8.97”
-4kg / 8.8lbs, diameter 228mm / 8.97”
-5kg / 11lbs, diameter 275mm / 10.82”
-6kg / 13.2lbs, diameter 275mm / 10.82”
-7kg / 15.4lbs, diameter 275mm / 10.82”

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1kg/2.2lbs/Dia: 195mm/07.67-Orange, 2kg/4.4lbs/Dia: 195mm/07.67-Green, 3kg/6.6lbs/Dia: 228mm/08.97-Orange, 4kg/8.8lbs/Dia: 228mm/08.97-Blue, 5kg/11lbs/Dia: 275mm/10.82-Red, 6kg/13.2lbs/Dia: 275mm/10.82-Orange, 7kg/15.4lbs/Dia: 275mm/10.82-Orange


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