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Multi-Shot / Discus Carrier

Constructed from heavy nylon netting. Holds multiple shot and discus. Red handle, blue bag. UPS SHIPPABLE 1lbs

Shot Put/Discus Bag

Reinforced nylon bag with sturdy handle. Holds 2-shots or 2-discus. Black bag UPS SHIPPABLE 1lbs

Shot Put/Discus Carrier with Shoulder Strap

Reinforced nylon bag with sturdy handle and shoulder strap for extra convenience. Holds 2-shots or 2-discus. UPS SHIPPABLE 1lbs

Two Shot Carrier

Heavy vinyl bag holds 2-shots. Carrying handle plus removable shoulder strap. Snap closure plus side zipper. All black construction. UPS SHIPPABLE 2lbs

Aluminum Toe Board

Cast aluminum construction for long lasting  durability. Recessed for ring. Tie-downs provided on  each end for securing. Meets all rule specifications. UPS …

Fiberglass Toe Board

Molded fiberglass conforms to official rules.  Weather-resistant and colorfast. Tie-downs are  provided on each end for securing. UPS SHIPPABLE 11lbs

Metal Toe Board

Will not warp, split or deteriorate in weather. Radiating lines speed up accurate measurement. UPS SHIPPABLE 25lbs

Rigid Polyurethane Toe Board

Cross-linked interior design for extreme strength. Waterproof and UV protected. UPS SHIPPABLE 13lbs

Implement Rack

Heavy-duty tubular steel. Holds 14-assorted  discus, 14-shot puts and 14-hammers. 8″ fixed  semi-pneumatic wheels, 5″ swivel solid rubber  casters on front. 36″w …