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11 1/4″ Measuring Wheel with Stand

Telescoping aluminum handle collapses easily thanks to quick clamp Axle driven counter accurately measures distances up to 10,000 feet to the nearest inch …

12 1/2″ Digital Measuring Wheel with Stand (Ft/In & Metric)

Ergonomic handle with backlit digital display provides easy to read measurements at a glance Digital display measures to 1″, 1/100th,  and/or 1 cm increments …

209 Primers/100 per Box

For use with the 2450 Deluxe Import Starting Pistol. 100-per box. No smoke or flash. Great for practice and recall. Price is …

ALFA Starting Pistol

The Alfa 32/22 revolvers are rugged and reliable with bright orange grips made of high impact polymer and the orange cap on …

Competitor’s Numbers

Large and easy-to-read numbers. Printed on heavy paper to ensure durability. Set includes one of each number in the selected range of …

Cross Country / Large Race Competitor Numbers

Single roll of numbers 1-200. 3 1/2″ number on pressure sensitive paper with easy peel- off backing. Is flexible and sticks to …

Deluxe Import Starter Pistols with case

Built for frequent use. Larger size for better feel. Blocked barrel and transfer bar provide tremendous safety. Swing out cylinder  holds 5-209 …

Digital Implement Scale

55lb/25kg capacity. Patented detachable display and keypad. Multi-sized letter holder with extendable bracket and a curved mail tube holder included. Programmable auto-off and backlight features. Powered by …

Fiberglass Field Tapes

Open design provides lightweight durability. Meters on one-side, feet/inches on the other. UPS SHIPPABLE – Weights Vary

Field Markers

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Field Markers

4″ diameter steel, chalkboard-green disc.  Names & numbers are easy to remove and write again.  Speed up meets by marking every throw. …

Finish Line Posts

Class up the finish line with a steel post and base. Will hold tape or yarn (sold separately). Comes with a wheel …

Finish Line Tape /50 Yards

Bright red foam gauze tape that is light-weight and easy to break, 50-yard roll. Posts sold separately. UPS SHIPPABLE 1lb

Gun Cleaning Kit for 32 or 22-Cal.

Includes: 1-Steel rod with swivel handle 1-Accessory adapter 1-Double end nylon bristle gun brush 1-Phosphor bronze bore brush 1-Cotton bore mop UPS …

Heavy-Duty Cones

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Heavy-Duty Cones

Fluorescent Orange, extra durable, open top cones. Weighted rubber bottoms, yet cones remain soft & crushable. UPS SHIPPABLE – Weights Vary

Hip Number Dispenser

Easy to store and use hip numbers at your meets. Holds 9 rolls of numbers. Tear off bar. UPS SHIPPABLE 9lbs

Hip Numbers – Bulk Roll of 250

3-1/2″ number on pressure sensitive paper with easy peel-off backing is flexible and sticks to all uniforms. A must for photo finish …