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Fence Crown™

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Fence Crown™

Safe good-looking fence tops. Bright yellow  or black corrugated plastic tubing. 4-1/2”  diameter. Pre-slit for easy installation.  19″ matching ties sold separately. FREIGHT ONLY SHIPPING …

Home Plate Weather Cover

All covers are cut full size and finish slightly smaller due to seams and hems. Grommets are spaced 3′ – 4′ apart …

Pitchers Mound Weather Cover

Made from high-strength, long-lasting reinforced PVC and polyethylene fabrics. All covers are cut  full size and finish slightly smaller due to seams and hems. Grommets …

Tool for Fence Crown Installation

Makes installing a zip…cuts time by 75%! The installer spreads the fence crown tube &  allows the tubing to close over the …