Hammer Ring Installation Instructions


  1. Locate the center of the mounting surface that you are
    going to mount the ring down to and make a mark.
  2. Using a tape measure, measure 3’6″ out from the center
    mark and make a mark.
  3. Using a string and a piece of chalk (or other suitable marker)
    as a compass, have one person hold string on the center mark
    and the other person using the string and chalk as a compass
    at second mark and make a circle on the mounting surface.
  4. Take one of the aluminum arcs and place it over the mark
    make with the compass with the verticle flange directly over
    the mark.
  5. Mark the location of one of the two holes closer to the center
    of the arc.
  6. Using a drill with a 1/4″ masonry bit, drill into the mounting
    surface approximately 1″ deep. Drive in one of the nylon
    anchors supplied with the discus ring. Then place the arc back
    on top and using one of the screws supplied, anchor the arc to
    the mounting surface. Continue on with the other holes in the
    arc. It may be necessary to pull in or push out on the arc to keep
    it directly over the chalk line. Anchor the three remaining holes
    in that arc.
  7. Take another arc and butting it up against previously installed
    arc repeat Step 6. Continue on around the ring until all four arcs
    are in place. Check all screws to be sure they are tight. Ring
    is now ready for use.

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