#6082 Ground Sleeve Installation Instructions – Synthetic Floors


  1. Lay out floor sleeves across court suitable for type of court
    you desire. NOTE: Minimum spacing for poles to comply
    with rules is 36’6” center to center of poles per court.
  2. Lay out an 8” diameter off of centerlines. (Top plate may
    be used as a template) Note: Hinge point of cap should be
    outside of court.
  3. Cut away synthetic material then cut a hole large enough
    to allow sleeve to be inserted down until top of plate is
    flush with playing surface. This may be done with either
    a core bit or by drilling a series of smaller holes and knock-
    ing out the voids. Note: If the depth from the top of the floor
    to the concrete slab is greater than 12 ½”, stop at the 12 ½”
    depth. If the distance is less the 12”, it will be necessary to
    break through the concrete slab.
  4. Should it be necessary to break through the concrete, a hole
    approximately 30” in diameter will have to be scraped out
    underneath the slab. The depth of this hole should be no less
    than 16” from the top of the floor.
  5. Chisel out the concrete to accommodate the floor sleeve top
    plate (minimum 5/16”). Then insert floor sleeve assembly
    into the hole and check to make sure top plate sits properly in
    the hole. Mark 4 hole locations, then drill suitable holes for
    lead anchors.
  6. The drilled hole (and the cavity scraped out under the concrete
    if it was necessary to break through) will no have to be filled
    with non-shrink grout. (Manufacturers: Por-Rok, Embeco,
    Hydrocide, Masterbuilders Masterflow #713). Refer to the
    manufacturer’s instructions for proper use.
  7. Pour the grout mixture into the hole until the level of the grout
    is approximately 7” below the top of the floor. Insert the floor
    sleeve assembly into the grout and push down until the top plate
    rests squarely in the chiseled area. Before fastening the floor
    sleeve into position, open the lid to check the level of the grout.
    It should be at least flush with the square plate. Do Not allow
    grout to enter sleeve. The top of the sleeve must be blocked off
    or plugged to prevent grout from entering sleeve.
  8. Fasten the floor sleeve into the lead anchors with the 4 wood
    screws provided. (Optional)

IMPORTANT: It is essential to allow the grout to fully cure before
using this system. Normal curing time is between 7 and 10 days, but
always follow manufacturer’s directions completely. Failure to allow
the floor sleeves to set may result in poor system performance and may
damage the floor of your facility.