Steel Discus Cage Ground Sleeve Installation


1. Check to insure that you have received all materials.

  • 6 plastic ground sleeves (schedule 40, 2 1/2″ PVC)
  • 2 poles with ground lug
  • 4 poles (height 11’6″, diameter 2 3/8″)
  • 3 warning signs
  • 1 net

2. Install ground sleeves as per layout – figure 2.

3. Individual ground sleeves are to be installed according to figure 2. When preparing hole for concrete, do not disturb compaction.

Note: 1. It is important that the dimension of the concrete at the surface does not exceed 8″ due to hardware on poles.

Note: 2. Insure that concrete does not fill into the inside of ground sleeve

4. Install poles into ground sleeves, with the cantilevered portion to the center of the discus ring. Place poles with the ground lug in the holes numbered one (1) and six (6), figure 2 and the remaining in the other four (4) holes.

5. Fasten spool to poles as shown in Detail A-A on following drawing, figure 3, and tighten so spool will not turn.

6. Tie one end of 12′ rope provided to snap hook and the other end through hole provided in spool attached to pole as shown in Detail A-A. You will also need to thread rope through loops in poles as in figure 3.

7. Attach net to poles by means of snap hooks and raise net to desired height by means of wrapping ropes around spools attached to each pole.

8. Place a warning sign on each side of discus cage and one on rear.